Clean Water for Franklin County (CWFC) is our initiative to offer continued conservation support to our natural resources, local wildlife, parks/recreation. We also aim to retain (and even enhance) the beauty of our home for the residents of the community and future generations while reducing nutrients and accomplishing statewide goals. Franklin County is tasked with reducing nearly 1.3 million pounds of nitrogen (lbsN) runoff from entering our local communities’ waters, which we strive to accomplish alongside local efforts.

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Franklin County Clean Water Plan

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Plan Updated: September 2022

Conococheague Priority Projects Plan (CP3)

In 2021, the Franklin County Conservation District (FCCD), with grant funding support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), initiated an assessment of the Conococheague Creek watershed. With the help of our dedicated stakeholder (municipalities, agencies, NGOs and additional partners), this assessment identified local restoration opportunities to assist with water quality improvement and resource protection goals. The plan was recently completed with support from LandStudies, Inc. (LSI).

Following completion of the plan and the online story map, FCCD held a follow up meeting on June 7th to reveal the newly completed plan. The meeting included discussion of next steps to implement the restoration opportunities outlined in the plan and how everyone fits into the puzzle to work as partners. FCCD provided detailed information related to designing, permitting and funding these large-scale projects for quicker, successful implementation. Additionally, a focused panel of agency, funder and industry professionals including DEP, US Army Corps of Engineers, LandStudies and others, answered questions related to BMP-specific programs and permits for the stakeholders.

The goal of this plan was to choose a sample of projects across the watershed which demonstrate the defining characteristics of a “priority project”. While these projects reflect a pilot scale study of a massive watershed, the objective of this effort is to equip stakeholders to use this dynamic plan in identification and prioritization of projects that exhibit alignment with the tenants of this plan, and which may then be added to the active digital story map (linked here and embedded below). Many additional opportunities have since been identified, and some of the projects have already secured funding for designs or entered the construction phase.


Just like all good things, the best way to spread the news is by sharing with your friends and family! FCCD and CWFC Partners work hard to spread the news about our initiative and the resources available for our neighbors to help maintain our local clean water! Below are the first 2 editions of our new “BE THE SOLUTION” 2-sided, informational handout series. This first handout of the series, both front and back shown below, was created with a focus on agricultural solutions. The second, “Backyard BMPs”, was created with with standard landowners in mind to describe how anyone can practice conservation!

We have high quality, cardstock hard copies for FREE in our office. Please call to ask about getting one for yourself or a stack to share with friends and family!

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