Clean Water for Franklin County (CWFC) is our initiative to offer continued conservation support to our natural resources, local wildlife, parks/recreation. We also aim to retain (and even enhance) the beauty of our home for the residents of the community and future generations while reducing nutrients and accomplishing statewide goals. Franklin County is tasked with reducing nearly 1.3 million pounds of nitrogen (lbsN) runoff from entering our local communities’ waters, which we strive to accomplish alongside local efforts.

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Franklin County Clean Water Plan

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Plan Updated: September 2022


Just like all good things, the best way to spread the news is by sharing with your friends and family! FCCD and CWFC Partners work hard to spread the news about our initiative and the resources available for our neighbors to help maintain our local clean water! Below are the first 2 editions of our new “BE THE SOLUTION” 2-sided, informational handout series. This first handout of the series, both front and back shown below, was created with a focus on agricultural solutions. The second, “Backyard BMPs”, was created with with standard landowners in mind to describe how anyone can practice conservation!

We have high quality, cardstock hard copies for FREE in our office. Please call to ask about getting one for yourself or a stack to share with friends and family!

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Name: Caitlin Lucas
FCCD Role: Clean Water Coordinator
Q: WHO is the coordinator?
A: Hello! My name is Caitlin Lucas, and I am the Clean Water Coordinator at FCCD. I am originally from Johnstown, PA and first moved to the area to attend Shippensburg University. While at SHIP, I worked at the University Library and for the Center for Land Use and Sustainability (CLUS). There, I helped to develop a community plan with neighbors of the Delaware River Basin.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geoenvironmental Studies, minors in Art/Design and Business, and a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). After graduating, I was hired at an environmental consulting firm in northern Virginia as a GIS Technician, creating maps and performing studies on land use, land cover, and restoration potential. A few years later, Pennsylvania became home again as I began “pioneering” this new role at FCCD. I am excited to be back, working with the community and all of my wonderful neighbors!
Q: WHAT is the Clean Water Coordinator?
A: This is a new role for several counties within our state, including Franklin. As the Clean Water Coordinator, I will be supporting the community’s efforts in achieving their goal of keeping water clean in our local streams. Th Conservation District’s clean water initiative is also known as “Clean Water for Franklin County” or CWFC for short.
Q: How will Clean Water for Franklin County benefit our communities?
A: I am here to serve as an advocate for you, our neighbors, by building connections, locating funds, and hosting community projects to clean up our neighborhoods’ water where needed. CWFC’s efforts will offer continued conservation support to our local wildlife, parks, and recreation, as well as to retain, and even enhance, the beauty of our home for our kids and future generations!
Q: What does this mean for us, the community?
A: We will need help from our neighbors and local leaders as CWFC will be a group effort! Many of these BMPs can be performed and installed by private landowners.
1. Contact FCCD about getting a nutrient or manure management plan for your farming operation.
2. Plant trees along a creek on your property.
Some of these practices are also dependent upon our local government and businesses.
1. Add a water retention basin on a commercial property with a lot of pavement.
2. Upgrade stormwater management infrastructure to our public spaces.
Q: How can I help?
A: Please contact me if you are interested in incorporating a BMP on your property or know someone who is! Please spread the word to your friends, family, and neighbors. These efforts will also need resources to be successful, so please pass along any possible resources, programs, or groups who can help our community achieve its goals!
Contact Information
Phone: 717.264.5499 ext. 110