TO REPORT A SIGHTING: Please call 1-888-422-3359 or use the reporting tool found: HERE
For treatment and management information, please contact the local Penn State Extension office: 717-263-9226

Spotted Lanternfly Circle Traps

Emily Hartley, FCCD Watershed Specialist, met recently with PA Department of Agriculture to learn how to deploy circle traps for spotted lanternfly control. These circle traps capitalize on the lanternfly’s tendency to migrate upwards on the tree and captures them in the bag at the top! For instructions on how to create and deploy your own circle traps, please visit the following link:

Spotted Lanternfly Circle Traps – Located in the Eco Park behind the Ag Heritage Building, 185 Franklin Farm Lane, Chambersburg

PA Department of Agriculture representatives Paul Smith & Jenna along with FCCD Watershed Specialist Emily Hartley

BUSINESSES (includes farming) that operate in or travel through quarantined counties are required to obtain a Spotted Lanternfly permit.

Click HERE for permit training.

Click HERE for more information on the permit.

HOMEOWNERS and FARMERS with questions about treatment are encouraged to contact the Franklin County Penn State Extension office (717-263-9226) to learn about management, including approved sprays. You may also visit:

Pennsylvanians who live inside the quarantine zone should also review and sign the Compliance Checklist for residents. Click HERE.