Envirothon Resources


Preparing for Envirothon

Help prepare your Envirothon Team(s) with the PA Envirothon Station Training Resources

Envirothon App

Students and Advisors can study on the go by downloading the PA Envirothon app from your app store.  The Envirothon App is compatible for iPhone, Androids, and Kindles.


Training Kits/Resources

The following list are items that the District has available for loan.  All items are available on a first come-first serve basis.

Wildlife Kit: Deer Aging Tool with CD & Book

Soils Kit #1: Books- Soil Biology Primer, An Introduction to Soils of PA, & Soils, an Introduction

Soils Kit #2: Soil Samples, Soil texture Key, Organic Matter Handout

Soils Kit #3: Soil Posters (Set of 5) with study guide

Forestry Kit #1: Leaf & Seed Kit, Tree Ring Dating Kit, Tree Ring Slices and seeds

Aquatics Kit #1: Biotic Indicators of Water Quality display, Macro invertebrate identification display

Aquatics Kit #2: Endangered & Threatened Species of PA Book, Pennsylvania Fishes, Macroinvertabrates ID Sheets

Aquatics Kit #3: Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission- 2 guide books, 3 DVD’s, 3 Activity Kits


Resources for Teachers

Nature Watch – www.nature-watch.com

For the Birds (Identiflyer) – www.identiflyer.com

Acorn Naturalist – www.acornnaturalists.com

Carolina Biological – www.carolina.com/

Soil and Water Conservation Society – www.swcs.org

PA Amphibian Reptiles Society – www.paherpsurvey.org

PA Herps – www.paherps.com

Lake Country Replicas – www.lakecountryreplicas.com

Morgan Reptile Replicas – www.reptilereplicas.com

Natural Resources Conservation Service – www.nrcs.usda.gov

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission – www.fishandboat.com

Pennsylvania Game Commission – www.pgc.pa.gov

Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of Forestry – www.dcnr.state.pa.us/forestry

Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of State Parks – www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection – www.dep.pa.gov

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture – www.agriculture.pa.gov

Chesapeake Bay Foundation – www.cbf.org

Environmental Protection Agency – www.epa.gov/education

North American Association of Environmental Education – naaee.org/eepro/resources

Enviroscape – www.enviroscapes.com